Update as of 10/24/2005

Can you actually believe that the holiday season is already creeping its way back. In the past few weeks we went from 80 degree weather with the kids wearing shorts to 34 degrees this morning then getting a visit from Wilma and a cold front tomorrow.

This weekend will be Ryan’s birthday party with his friends. They will be having a YU-GI-OH Birthday party with pizza, taco chicken fingers and whatever I can cook up. Tom and I are going to attempt to make a YU-GI-OH puzzle shaped cake. I have no idea how to create a triangle based cape that when shown on TV the tip is on the bottom. Then on Friday, I am bringing him to school with cake and candy corn cookies. As you know with Ryan, nothing is ever simple.

This weekend is also their Halloween Party at the Tae Kwan Do. I probably won’t be going there until later once finish the food shopping and get at least most of the stuff ready to prepare for his party on Saturday.

For once, I am proud to report the kids actually came out good in their school picture. They actually smiling in each picture. I have to get more copies to replace last years 8×10. The positive is I get to save money this year on the pictures since the older 2 came out great and all I need is Lucas alone and a family shot.

I hope to eventually post pictures…

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