Too Much Information to Say

I think this will probably be the longest blog I have written which can counteract for the lag time since I initially signed up with blogging web pages. If I would keep my laptop next to me at night I probably have a lot more blogs published too but then my eyes are bigger than anything else in my body. It is difficult since the other blog I have is primarily for weight loss so as I write this here is my written reminder to add the link onto the page.

In the past 2 years why I didn’t blog was that I didn’t have the time where it should have been I didn’t make time for anything. The past few weeks have been wake up for me from job hunting (it seems that I am not applying myself as I should) and needing additional education.

My life has come to a standstill of seeing a fork in the road and not knowing what the next steps will be. In the past month I have been accepted into New York Technical in Old Westbury and there is this part of me that wants to go and try something totally outside myself but yet it is a program I like to be involved with as the e-learning continues to grow it would be great to be involved in. There is many opportunities to go for depending on what I like to be when the program is completed but no guarantee it will fall through which how I though it would be having over 20 years work experience and a recent college degree.

I had a phone call last week with a recruiter on a job which I knew I wasn’t qualified for but I submitted my resume as nice to have and contact me for future opportunities. I love the fact in how young they are getting and telling me how to find a job. I have done what he has said at least 2x a year but how many times can I apply for the same company in Long Island. I went through my database and found a few jobs that when I did apply I didn’t have the qualifications so I will be submitting a letter of how much experience I gained and complementing the success they have had in the past 4 year (and as I typed 4 years I still can’t believe it).

I should not say I don’t have a job when in truth I do, I work part time retail store isn’t that bad and the people are pretty nice. I am familar with so of the customers that come in. The sucky part about the job is the cleaning. I clean there and then I have to clean at home and after being there at night do you think the next day I want to start laundry, uh NO!

What I miss most about working full time right now is the luxury items I brought for myself when I needed then versus today where I have to figure out how to budget it. I am human, I like to be selfish and buy something just because but then even before I lost my full time job I still didn’t know how to buy things for myself without feeling guilty.

The funny is I went to Kohls last night since my daughter had a growth spurt so I brought all the kids including Tom a shirt and what I brought for myself, pot holders. I have to bite bullet and buy some makeup since I am running low in addition to moisturizer which I am needing badly. I am using my q-tips to apply my make up so I can save it for when I have to go out If I am not going anywhere I am the natural beauty, but now being the “beauty” I am I hear the word ma’am. I asked a question to a sales clerk about pimple cream and she said the other lady who is your age uses it and then she is like you aren’t old but I am only 20. Gee, thanks how do I respond to that.

You have to love it right?

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