Have you seen this girl?

My darling daughter with the weather getting nicer will stay outside until it gets pitch black out. As per her words and not mine she is a summer baby and needs to keep cool. She is not made to stay inside.

Today she is outside so as 7 pm approaches, I go outside and she isn’t there. My son comes back running hysterical saying that his sister is missing and she isn’t at her friends because they went to a chorus concert at the school. I call the police hysterical thinking where is this girl and my dh runs out in the car to go look for her. Around 7:30 she comes home saying that this is the time I tell them to come inside so when she comes in of course I hug her then I want to hug her so tight because she scared the crap out of us. I call the cops and told them I found out her before they come to our house, my son tells her she is no longer allowed outside unless he is with her and a few hours ago they were fighting like two roosters at a cock fight.

Now I understand why the women on the Ms. Clariol box are always smiling, they are making tons of money from people like me.

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