Good Night

Good night or rather good morning. I can’t sleep but I am tired. I realize that it comes to this time at night where all these thoughts are racing in my head.

Where do I go from here and how does this song fit into my life. I heard Styx song Come Sail Away, and I don’t know if I can get in trouble for copying & pasting the lyrics so instead I did the hyperlink. I need read the book on blogging infringement or whatever the terminology is today.

I love how the website interpreted it as “


Come Sail Away is about reaching for your dreams (not about UFOs and
alien encounters). The angels and the aliens are figurative voices
encouraging you to “come sail away” to wherever your dreams would take
you.” Is there a boat somewhere and I keep forgetting to buy the ticket or am I jumping ship too soon?

Till tommorrow or maybe later tonight 🙂

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