4 Months To Christmas

The summer is not even over, the Halloween and Thanskgiving or AKA fall chackies are up and around.

I went to work yesterday and very duly noted, to make more sales remind our customers that it is 4 months to Christmas, School is starting and I have yet to get my act together.

I am still working part time and going for my umpteenth attempt to find full time employment. My question I ask myself do I want to go back to New York City, do I want to spend a good 12 hours away from home & my kids. Yes they drive me crazy and on my myspace page I do have a countdown but after working close to home these past 10 years, am I ready for such a committment?

I have to find a job and seeing that there are 4 months to Christmas and the last thing I need to add to my budget on top of food for the house is getting my kids gifts. I want to but each year the list gets longer, more expensive and the youngest continues to miss out on gifts due to condensation, even if that is the correct word. UGH, I hate how things are becoming lately. I need to do something, Calgon is not strong enough to take me away.

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