Where Have I Been !!

First and foremost very Happy New Year to one and all. I am not sure how others have been doing with their New Year’s resolution but I for one are at least 6 blogs behind and didn’t create a detail or list of how or where I want to post my individual blogs versus the family one since I always know that Big Brother is Watching but the privacy feature overall has definitely improved.

I have to start my blog with an article I found at Gather.com which summarized on the open at home work opportunities and the number of windows I missed on because I didn’t follow through. I know i can’t go back and now there is 10 people who probably offers the same services I wanted to offer when I wanted to make my own business. I can’t look at it as rejection rather than the key thing is good customer service and reasonable rates is how to create a customer base and have repeat customers. Also, you need to know how to write well and create a distinguishable website.

Over the past month, I am starting to get a handle again of my life and definitely going to focus on things I like to do for the extracurricular side.This is definitely going to be long winded so feel free to delete.The month of November went pretty fast. I started a temporary assignment in Yaphank for a large construction government company as an administrator. I knew what I was getting into at the interview but working there wound up being not as I expected. I understand making sure the office runs smoothly but I don’t need to be a mother and clean up after men that are old enough to be responsible. My daily activities were running errands and printing out files for consultants and it was just draining me out. I just really felt undervalued while also working at Lord & Taylor cleaning was just something I didn’t want to do all day and then wind up doing it at home.
As for December and the holidays were actually quiet but then I wasn’t too enthusiastic on celebrating this year.

The kids enjoyed the holiday and as always they made out like bandits, they loved getting the Wii this year for Christmas but it was definitely a family gift. I know I love playing with it more than they do sometimes but I haven’t learned their games yet. The sad part of it all is when I play High School Musical with them; I think I unlocked more characters than both Ryan & Daelyn together. Lucas is getting a kick out of the Wii and now starting to get into Pokemon stage as Ryan was at his age. Daelyn loves her new Julie doll and really getting into her American girls. She told me that she wants a tea party this year. I was supposed to have it last year so we will see.

As for January, well I think most of it for me at least was spent in the doctors and the kids receiving their report cards. Daelyn is struggling with her reading but she is making great progress and stride with her Math. She went up at least 2 grades in most of the subjects with the exception of reading. Her teacher gave me tips on how to help her but my daughter continues to say she doesn’t need the help. I will be sending another feedback letter telling her teacher that she continues the resistance. She loves playing the viola and enjoying music. Ryan as for the other hand, 2 semester on the honor roll but making this kid read I am about to kill him. I hate, literally hate the fact he does all his homework in school on Gold days and then when he gets home he is all over the place hyperactive and all. Lucas he is so loving school and excelling. You would never think he didn’t go to school at 3 years old. The teachers love him and admire how he sits still in his chair and focuses on his work.

As for me, in January I was in and out of the doctor and couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was wrong. I have been lazy, unmotivated and very tired. First, I had the numbness which they found nothing wrong with me after the nerve test. They only thing they found out is on my shoulder I have a bony growth and if the numbness comes back to go see the doctor again. Then from the last appointment, they wound up giving me 10 mg of Paxcil which wound up making me nauseous so I been on Lexapro 10mg now. I have seen a difference overall. Then I wound up getting a call for an interview for a company I applied for last year which I established a good relationship with the h/r person. The position I didn’t have all the qualifications but he liked me anyway. I wasn’t expecting the call and figure I might as well apply since it was closer to home. I went on the interview on a Friday and stood there for about 1 hour. The manager was impressed that when I gave my job history and overall experience that the questionnaire they had to go by wasn’t worth it since I answered everything on it. I went home and an hour later, they offered me the job. It was the last thing I expected. I gave my one week’s notice to the temp job and that is when the fun began. My manager told me basically that he saw that no dynamic was developed and I had trust issues. He was like what did I do and I basically said that it was no fault on either that trust wasn’t developed sometimes it is automatic and other times it has to grow at its own pace. He was like that he can see that my emotions were obvious and that I wasn’t very focused on my work which honestly was total bull sh***. I kept to myself and did the work according to what was requested of me. I don’t appreciate the fact that I wasn’t being utilized for my talents rather for my housekeeping skills. I didn’t tell him that and that is when I decided to tell them that I am leaving for personal reasons. He wanted someone to also be his friend and always make him feel like God like the other woman who works there. I can’t be something I am not. They were nice enough to give me a cake for my last day and the best part is I asked to leave early after I trained the other girl, organized everything and created a manual for her during my last week. I wound up leaving later than 4:00 pm.

We are currently in the month of February and things have been gradually picking up. The house is still on the market and we are touching up basic stuff unfortunately Tom & I are butting heads because he wants to replace the cabinets, the floor and all this other crap which I told him don’t even bother. Then also tom is being a jackass in a way that I give him things to do and then I get phone calls saying that I need to go pick up the kids, or why should I do this for them. They are kids not adults and his expectations really have to come down. He is just nitpicking for the wrong reasons and the kids basically with the exception of Lucas begging him to go to work on the weekends. I love the fact this week is kindergarten registration; all I asked him to do was go to the lawyer and get our address notified. He was like why do we need to do this and I don’t remember doing this for the other 2. I said that is because I did it for them and he was still working in Queens and by time he got home it was 7:00 pm.

Then Ryan is in the last stages of his dental work to prepare for braces so he went to the doctor 2 weeks ago to be extracted and they found out his teeth are wrapped around his jaw bone and needs to go to oral surgeon. The poor kids cannot catch a break. He has to go back again the holiday week and get the last two removed on my mom’s birthday. He told my mom that his gift to her is him being quiet for the day. Lucas on the other hand has 4 cavities which will be filled. The dentist suggested getting it done it will help out as his permanent teeth come in. There is no guarantee he will not need braces but it will make it easier. Lastly, the positive of all this is I am happy where I am and the environment I work in. I feel respected and just have a good feeling that things are going to progress well for me. It just seems much different than the past few jobs I have worked on. I pray that all goes well for me. Also my dad is doing much better overall, his blood count is good, and no prostate cancer, pneumonia gone and I just hope I am able to sell my house by the end of the school year.

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