How Things Are This Week


Well, since my last blog things have been pretty good. The kids have been off this week for Winter Break but the sad part is about 4 weeks from Monday they have another mini-vacation for Easter then in April for sping break. I think when I was a kid I don’t remember having this much time off.

Today was a snow day for Lucas, since he was the only one who had school this week for St. John’s School. All 3 were excited to go outside today and Lucas made a snowman with grapes for eyes and carrot nose. When i got home the rain had started so the snowman shrunk before I could get a picture of it Ryan was able to get some pictures of it so I have to get his media card and upload the pictures.

I also had my inaugural Bingo Party including door prizes which actually went pretty good. I definitely like to do this again and make a potluck brunch. I figure nice Saturday night out and then make the bingo cards for myself. As I am writing, for everyone that brings a fan, they can get a small door prize or play a game for a door prize. I can definitely figure it out, I would love to make this even bigger where I can rent a hall type of thing. Add it to my party planning expertise 🙂

Have a great day and look forward to talking again.

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