Time has flew by

It probably has been a while since I wrote so instead of writing this long winded paragraph, I will bulletize it instead.

  • As of Monday, March 24, I will be starting Week 8 with my new job, it has gone by so quickly. I think I am ready to finally add pictures to my desk.
  • Ryan – his skin is breaking out again due to the weather but he makes it worse by rubbing his filthy sweater against. He received his progress report and as always doing well.
  • Daelyn – continuing to do well and progressing nicely. She is flourishing in Girl Scouts and was so cute in the talent show
  • Lucas – just got over an ear infection and strep, not a fun combination. He is starting to be his rambunctious self and excited that we will be starting baseball in the spring
  • Tom – needs to go on a diet but yet he is eating the crap I buy for the kids. I won’t lie I know I still eat it but he just is like a vacuum and continues to suck it up.
  • Me – well other than the job, it is getting better. The medication has made a difference and going with the the flow and taking more pilates and yoga classes. They have helped out more that I don’t feel numbness anymore on my left side as I have. It does come back but not frequent enough to see the doctor.

Have a great day!

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