Another Milestone

What is it this week with all
the changes in my kids. First my daughter, this little baby born at
10:08 am just about 7 pounds and 18 inches is now this beautiful beach
blonde hair with startling blue eyes is a young lady.

my oldest child Ryan got his braces on his upper teeth. I always knew
he was young and didn’t look his age but after the braces went on and
he smiled, I lost it. I felt the tears well up and saw how his face
actually changed. This kid was so happy to have his braces on and felt
so cool other than when I got them and hid my teeth for about 7 years.
I can’t believe that my son is ending his first year of middle school
on the 27th of June and will be hanging out more on his own over the
summer. Did I do somehting wrong that I made him grow up, can’t I just
keep the innocence a bit longer. I have a picture of the new Ryan now.

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