Organized….am I ?

My job for the past few years has been a project administrator and one of the main requirements of the job is to be ORGANIZED. As I clean my desk, send out email reminders I come home early due to the company closing at 3 pm.

I come and what I do at work and makes me GREAT at my job (you liking the caps right) I don’t do at home.  When I leave the job, I leave my skills there with it.  I use to be the detail queen, with electronic and date book in sync to a “T”.  Today, my desk has multiple papers on the desk, I have a committee event I need to organize and I have to start.  In 3 days also, there is a Shopping night and my tasks are to make a lottery wreath and Santa Letters.  I am so disappointed that I really am not the person I use to be.  
Today, that is going to change, this disoriented life at home is going to effect me on various levels and wind up making use my weekends working on all the stuff I volunteered for and not spending time with my kids.
Well, lets see how it will change, cross your fingers and hope all goes well.

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