Welcome to the Holidays

Welcome to the 2008 Holiday Season

Hello one and all and welcome to the beginning of season. I am hoping to end the year with several updates along with how I can change it in the 2009.

I been thinking of what I want to be involved in and what I like to learn but more at an accelerated rate. I don’t have the luxury of going to classes for a long period time so if I can take workshop of something which I do have knowledge and enhais what ince it for my career and it can also benefit me at home also.

I am jumping on the social networking sites, getting a OpenID and will be linking them to my blog page and eventually editing manually against the templates I use from the talented designers and follow copyright rules.

As you read this, you are thinking when am I going to speak about the Holiday and what I am going to do. I think if I start putting an update of the holidays, well my dear friends who have gotten past the first two paragraphs, here is what the holiday season is going to be.

I want my children to be aware of what is going in today’s economy and how it effect how we live today. I don’t want them to grow up but understanding the difference between a want and a need. We didn’t have much and now we are investing in upgrading the house the distinction needs to be made. I do feel bad that yes, there won’t be no sporadic vacation and there isn’t as much opportunity to just buy something because I was at the store.

Another which is starting to get my goat, is now that my children are older and the family does not see each before we get all defensive I know it takes two and not everyone can be to blame. The children are older, and our kids and hteir kids are second cousins, the relationship is not close but they do speak when they see each other. I think why exchange gifts, why can’t it be just a simple visit. They are expecting to get a gift, you shouldn’t expect anything when I grew up and went to a relative at the holidays year after year, I was told upfront not to expect anything.

I know growing up I was close to my cousins but as adults we went our own way and lost touch over the years. Do I regret it, yes all our children are close in age.

I think today I am done and will look at the snow outside. I wonder how much will be here tommorrow :)

Have a wonderful night and hopefully will not wait too long till the next update!

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