Today is your birthday….I hope you have a good day

Today I did have a good day, yes the kids drove me crazy and the same things that happen every day that drive me crazy did occur.

The usual question asked today is what do I want and tomorrow will be what did I get the answer is nothing and not because they didn’t want to get me something it was that I didn’t want anything. What I want is not of the physical substance rather self worth for myself.

I am looking for fulfillment of making what is good for me and how to make me happy. Here is how what I hope to accomplish or at least get a strong structure to build from:

  1. Weight Loss
  2. Financial Organization
  3. Career advancement
  4. Religion
  5. Small Business Development

Realization will it occur, I believe it can be established but for success it all comes to allowing others to help, accept and learn from the criticism and how to make it a positive.

There is something there for me and I will see it ..wish me luck

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