Rambling of a tired mind

It has been T-27 days since my last post, long between but I am still in January for the month. I am beat and feel like the big white elephant in the room.  

To simplify what is going on I pretty much am going to put into bullet points because I need to keep moving forward.
  • My dad was in the hospital for the holiday week.   He had a cyst (benign) behind his knee and it wound up bursting on top of his arthritis making things worse.  He was released after the new year with a good bill of health.  He had a physical therapy, monitoring his blood count with his hematologist.  
  • I am first blessed that I do have a job, but what I thought would have been a positive with a new implmentation occuring at work, it went to antoher. Part of me thought my boss would have at least told them I could do the job but I am not even in the org chart.  
  • My kids are doing well which is most important are doing well.  Lucas and Daelyn got glasses and Ryan the child who doesn’t like to eat his veggies has perfect vision.
  • I lost my cellphone on Monday at work but I think someone took it. It was a piece of me with pictures of my kids and my personal information. I am worried that someone may take advantage of it.
I think I summed it up but it comes down to I hate to be lied to behind my back. No one likes bad news and no one likes to lose, but I have learned that though it is disappointing, at least I was dealt the cards and I can move from it. There will come a day when they will be regrets from decision that were made.  

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