Back to reality of my first day back on the LIRR

This morning was a bitch slap in the face. There was adjustment period after being out of work two weeks.

First, as always running for the train because the conductor of this line is always 2 minutes and has issue in closing the door in your face. Then due to the fact I had to transfer to Jamaica with the weather about 10 degrees colder from where didn’t make it much easier. It seems that a gentleman feels that his entitlement was to be used. So as I waited to step on the train for the first in time I was in front of the doors, he decided he need to be first because he used his laptop bag as his pushing device.

As I get on, not caring where I sit just want to finish my quick catnap, as we pull into Penn my face became the punching bag for his bag.

Of course it wasn’t once, it was at least 3 times and I did ask if he be careful it seems to fallen on deaf ears. I am telling you I guess the 300 train tickets now gives you to option to become more abusive.

Yes i know this a rampant whine when all in turn I just wanted to literally push him down the stairs.

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