Back at Sea

I Run On Water

After two weeks in Chicago rehearsing our new shows, I’m finally back to Running on Water. We’ve joined our new ship, and after a whirlwind week of more rehearsal, installing new technical cues (and finding our way around a new, bigger ship) we’ve finally opened all our shows. We’ve had a great time putting these shows up, but it’s something that always takes my focus away from, well, everything else in my life. (I’m pretty sure I’ve paid all my bills this month…)

I managed to get a couple of runs in while we were in Chicago, which were amazing, but weather and fatigue and then finally illness kept me from doing more than that.


We passed a virus around a few people in the cast, and the three of us paid a visit the friendly nurse at Walgreens. The others, who were a couple of days ahead of me…

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